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Contact me at greg@pcofficepro.com

Old family tapes (VHS, VHS-C, Hi8) ... I can convert them to DVD.

Old slides or 35mm negatives....can convert to pictures for CD or DVD.

Do you want your tapes converted to DVD (MPEG2) and/or a digital format (MP4) for one low price?

MP4 is a highly compressed digital format perfect for saving and backing up video content. The DVDs will have the video files on them but if they ever become corrupt or scratched then they are useless (just like VHS). You can save the video file from the actual DVD as another option but you will see it is a manual process, the video is not compressed and it is not labeled. The MP4 version allows you to convert it to any medium in the future (make another DVD, make a VHS tape (don't laugh), or edit and post to a web site (YouTube). Altogether it is a good backup strategy that I recommend to anybody.

Note: If you elect to have the MP4 versions then you will need to provide an external USB hard drive (FAT32 formatted) to save the files with enough space for your project. If you would like, I can provide one to you for the cost plus $10. Recently I purchased a Maxtor 160GB external hard drive (small enough to fit in your pocket) with a 5yr warranty and additional backup software. So the customer was able to use it for his video files and to save his computer backup files offsite. His cost was $95 for the hard drive.

Let me be clear, you can do this yourself. You can purchase a VHS to DVD Recorder, converting software and all the DVD recording media. What I am offering is the equipment and time to do this for you. It isn't rocket science by any means but it is tedious work that requires patience and good organizational skills.

Don't lose those precious memories of exciting moments. Have them converted today and know they are safely preserved.

Cost depends on how many to convert and the format you want (Average cost is $7 to DVD and $10 to DVD/MP4 per movie). Special editing can be done so just ask. I am located in Salisbury, NC. Shipping from Charlotte to Salisbury costs less than approx $5 parcel post each way with the post office. If you have a lot of tapes then I will be more than happy to meet with you to save the expense of shipping.

I currently work in the computer industry as my "day job" and do this as a side gig. Professionalism and privacy is guaranteed. I look forward to speaking with you.

** A lot of people ask if I can convert store bought VHS tapes to DVDs.  If you own a VHS tape then you are allowed to create a backup DVD copy if you are the owner of the material and are not intending on reselling to others according to 'Fair Use'. However, I usually recommend that a person buy a new DVD of the movie if it is available as it will be better quality for the few dollars more. ***