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Test Maker and Survey Maker.... a great add-on tool to for all offices.

pcOffice Pro Test and Survey Maker

Train employees - Test Students - Survey Groups
  • Use anywhere you want to ask a question and get an answer.

  • No special software to install. Anyone with a browser can open and take the test or survey.

  • Post your tests or surveys to an Intranet or Internet sites.

  • Save and send via e-mail as HTML documents.

  • The results are sent back to you via e-mail so they can be evaluated with the included Results Viewer.

Testimonial - Roger Davis from Oak Creek, WI

Easy to Use and Easy to Understand. Very Intuitive Design. I will recommend this software to anyone looking for an easy and affordable survey making software.

Who should purchase the pcOffice Pro Test and Survey Maker©

Web Professionals

Human Resources Personnel

Teachers or Educators


Anyone wanting to create a test or survey and automate the process of tallying results.

Test Maker and Survey Maker Features

  • Test or survey is saved as HTML file which anyone can open without special
    software to install.
  • Test or survey can be formatted: background, fonts, color, borders ...customize to your web color scheme or personal preferences.

  • You can have the option to send a certificate to a test taker upon successful completion of the test. You set the passing grade and if the test taker achieves the passing grade then they can print their certificate.

  • Certificate can be formatted: background, fonts, color, borders..customize to meet your exact specifications.

  • Create groups with users so you can track them in the Results Viewer.

  • Preview your changes as you create the test or survey.
Results Viewer Features
  • Easily organize incoming tests and surveys.

  • Track by grouping who has yet to respond to your test or survey.

  • Export test details in HTML, text or CSV (comma separated values) format and make your own customized reports.

  • Instantly view a test takers scores and see what was missed.

  • Easy read statistics to let you know status of pass/failure rates for groupings.

Ready to buy your copy of pcOffice Pro Test and Survey Maker©

Download Now...then enter key after purchase.

Works with Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, and XP