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Online Backup - Data Backup Information and Facts

Data Backup Information and Facts

The worst has happened...your computer has stopped responding!

Will you be able to recover all your data?

The value of data on your computer is critical to you and your clients!

You can avoid this problem by implementing an effective data backup regimen. You must select a backup media type, install backup software, run regular backups, store data offsite and perform regular backup verification tests.

Common Data Backup Media Types

There are a variety of backup media types available. The most common are:
  • Zip Drive: Similar in shape and size as a floppy disk, but with a higher storage capacity.

  • CD-RW Drive: A CD drive that allows you to record data to blank CD-R and CD-RW discs.

  • DVD Drive: A newer media type similar to a CD-R/-RW. Records data to blank DVD disks.

  • Tape Drive: Looks almost like a cassette tape. Only this tape has an extremely high storage capacity.

  • Offsite Backup: Service provided by a company allowing storage space on their servers. Up and Down bandwidth contributes to total cost.

Summary of Media

Media Type
Typical Capacity
ZIP Drives
100Mb to 250Mb
Plug and Play
Others must have ZIP
to use/share data
650Mb to 700Mb
Most newer computers have CD drives
ust not enough
capacity to store all
your data on your computer
Lots of capacity per
Computer must have DVD drive to read.
Tape Drives
8Gb to 100Gb
Very high capacity
Very expensive to administer and someone has to remember to do it.
1Gb to unlimited Gb
Automated and offsite
in event of disaster
Costs can be high.

Backup Data Software

Once a backup media is picked, backup data software must be installed. The ideal backup software automates the process as much as possible. With backup software properly configured, it is just a matter of inserting the backup medium into the computer or verifying online backup properties when backups are scheduled to run.

Backup Data Regularly

Most backup programs allow you to program automatic regular backups of your data. At the very minimum, data should be backed up weekly or even more often, depending on the importance of the data you need to protect.

Backup Data Offsite

Data backups should be taken to an offsite location to protect the data in the event of a natural disaster (fire/flood) or not so natural (theft).

Ensure Data Backups Work

Check to see if the backups are running correctly on a regular basis. This is accomplished by taking the data backup and running a data restore from the media and then checking all the data being backed up is being restored correctly.