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Easy to use and understand data backup and computer settings migration tool!

RX2 Master Backup

RX2 Master Backup is a data backup and migration tool. What this means is you can use the software as a normal data backup software and as a computer settings migration tool when upgrading to another computer. The software is designed to help you transfer your settings and data from the old computer to the new. This is especially useful when transferring your e-mails from one computer to another.

RX2 Master Backup is easy to use and is presented in a step-by-step format.

Special features of the software - scheduled backups, command line interface for system administrators, and the ability to add any folder or file to the backup. Software also has option of storing rollback settings and restoring to original state in any event. RX2 Master Backup also offers compression tools (up to 2GB compressed - unlimited space uncompressed) and password protection to protect your data.

Operating systems covered: Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP

What exactly is backed up?

Windows Settings

Desktop Shortcuts, Display settings, Keyboard & Mouse settings, Taskbar settings, Power schemes, Windows mapped drives and folder options, Sound options, Connection settings, and Offline folders.

Browser Settings

Internet Explorer 5.X and 6.0/Opera/Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape

Favorites/Bookmarks, History, Security, Custom, Cookie, and connection settings.

E-Mail Settings

Outlook 97-2003/Outlook Express 5.X-6.0/Eudora/Bat!/IncrediMail

E-mail data, Mail Accounts, Folders, Contacts, Calendar, Signatures, Notes and Tasks, Options and Rules, Stationary and Address Book

Instant Messenger Settings


Friends lists, message history, and custom settings.

Other Settings

Microsoft Office: User options
Microsoft Media Player: Skins and Preferences
Any custom folder or file the user chooses.

RX2 Master Backup is easy to use and is presented in a step-by-step format with Help files available. We also offer support through e-mail at support@pcofficepro.com or you can call 704-506-0674.

Click on link below to download or Click on Download.com button below.

RX2 Master Backup Download

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Please donate by clicking the donate button from within the program. Thank you very much and I hope the software meets your needs.

RX2 Master Backup is an easy to use data backup and migration tool.