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Updated Anti-Virus Software is essential to effective network management.

Anti-Virus Software - Keep Updated

What is a Computer Virus?

A computer virus is a program created with the malicious intent of causing problems on a recipients computer. The severity of the virus can be minimal or extreme. Most computer viruses attempt to infect a computer will be recognized if anti-virus software is installed and configured properly. Proper installation and configuration of AV software showcases the defense capability of an organized network management solution.

How do you get a computer virus?

There are a variety of ways of obtaining a computer virus but the most familiar way is by e-mail. Other common ways are from opening any computer file from, for example, a floppy disk, or CD-ROM. Sometimes just even visiting a website can trigger a download of a malicious program.

These files can be nearly any type. So opening a file from any external source can potentially infect your computer with a virus.


To avoid or prevent the spread of a virus in an office, a company needs to:
Keep Your Anti-Virus Software Updated

Once the antivirus software is installed, it will need to be constantly updated so that it can detect the newest virus threats. Antivirus software is only capable of protecting you from all known viruses. Even if you have the latest virus updates, a new, unknown virus is capable of infecting and damaging your computer.

Most modern antivirus packages will automatically download the latest updates as long as they have access to the Internet.

Given new virus attacks are being released on a regular basis, it is important to keep every computer up to date.

pcOfficePro® can help you implement anti-virus software and train users on how to use the software to the fullest extent.

Rules of Thumb - AV and Network Management
  1. Never open a file attachment where you are unfamiliar with it's origin.

  2. Always backup your data and files. If your files become infected then you may be able to restore if your backup software supports multiple file versioning.

  3. Always make sure you have the latest Operating System (OS) and Application software patches installed.

  4. Always make sure you have the latest hardware firmware updates installed.